Wednesday 28 November 2007
Theater van 't Woord, Public Library of Amsterdam

The 1st Netherlands Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Prevention and Treatment (NCHIV2007)

10 March 2008:                                                                                                                                               News archive
Preparations for NCHIV2008 are well under way. We are at the moment making decisions about the date and location. News will be placed on the website as soon as possible.

Report 30 November 2007:
The First Netherlands Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Prevention and Treatment held on 28 November 2008 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands was attended by more than 300 scientists, clinicians and policy makers. About 27 presentations were given ranging from the obstacles in the understanding mechanisms of the humeral and cellular immune response to HIV infections, missing links in explaining the pathogenesis of long-term infection and natural resistance to disease progression in some but not in others. New and promising developments in the treatment of HIV were presented, but also new insights in the toxic responses to long-term antiretroviral combination therapy and the various and partly new mechanisms of antiretroviral drug resistance development were presented as well.
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6 December:
Photographs of NCHIV2007 are now presented online.
Copies can be ordered by sending an e-mail to Peter Lowie with the following information: your address, the number of copies you would like, the photo number and the size (13 X 18 cm is standard size). The estimated price will be 2,50 euro a piece. Copyright: Peter Lowie. For professional printing in magazines additional copyright charges will be made: please contact Daphne de Gouw.